TANYA BEREZIN private coaching for the actor


All acting techniques have the same goal: to guide us into believing— completely and spontaneously in the moment. Developing the Professional Actor, Tanya’s core course, focuses on technique. We explore methods from Stanislavski to Meisner to Hagen, and how you can use them. Every actor’s process is unique, so we work to discover what is most effective for you.

Once the techniques have been thoroughly explored, we put them into practice through scene work. The scene work builds up from basic application of technique through more complex and challenging scenes, so you can progressively cultivate your tools and your style—everything you need to arrive completely and uniquely in the world of your character.

The classes are intensive and small—never more than 15 students to a class—in an informal and supportive environment. It is a place that gives you the freedom to take risks and explore who you are as an artist, and take the confidence you gain into the audition room and on the set.

Class meets twice a week. Every actor does work in every class. Students often collaborate outside of class—not only for class work, but for audition preparation and other projects.

Admission by interview. Teen class also available. Classes for young people.

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