TANYA BEREZIN private coaching for the actor

We work inside-out: asking all the pertinent questions before we touch on dialogue, then asking and answering questions as we work our way through the scripts. She never lets me forget the importance of actions, and of listening. I wouldn't work on anything without Tanya's help.

Bobby Cannevale
(The Station Agent, Will & Grace)

    What is the world of script? The movie’s style? Who is the character: his/her motivation, yearning, experience? What does the character mean to you, personally? What do I recognize and know about the character? What don’t I know? What opportunities do I have by speaking through this character?

These are the kind questions we ask and answer in private coaching—whether preparing for meetings or auditions, rehearsing roles, or working on-set. Private coaching allows focused and intensive one on one work. We do whatever it takes to get you where you need to be. Here are some examples:

Audition and Role Preparation: Concentrated attention to exploring the character, the scene, and what it means to you. We strive for depth and awareness of your tools as an actor, so you can enter the room, and be specific and alive in the moment.

Script Evaluation: Reading scripts and discussing the project from all angles: the value of the work, the challenge and the opportunities of the specific role for the actor.

Script Analysis: Asking the specific questions to help the actor identify his or her voice in the role, and truly inhabit the essence of the character. First, we define the arc of the character; then we break down how this arc develops scene by scene. Within each scene, we define the relationships, the humor, and the truths.

On Set or During an Ongoing in Production: We prepare the specifics for the day’s scenes, establishing character point of view, and the director’s vision for the scene. We get ready for the performance itself through relaxation, concentration, and emotional preparation. During the performance, we continue to work, responding to each take with fine tuning, pinpointing glitches, and searching for new possibilities.